Calligraphy – The Beautiful Art with Healing Benefits

Calligraphy – The Beautiful Art with Healing Benefits

Calligraphy – The Beautiful Art with Healing Benefits

There are different forms of Calligraphy that are found globally. You can practically see this form of art everywhere – right from Chinese Calligraphy tattoo to pictures of Chinese art it is everywhere. Chinese Calligraphy – the beautiful art with healing benefits, that makes it stand out from the rest. What it makes it exclusive from other is that it helps in the communication of an artist’s spiritual world by making use of the Chinese characters. The most appealing factor of the Chinese Calligraphy also conveys a lot about aesthetic feeling, emotions, moral integrity and character of the artist to the readers.

Chinese Calligraphy has showed the new role in therapy and health. Meditation is an effective and traditional method for staying healthy and coping stress, the studies have revealed that learning Chinese Calligraphy can provide you with the same distinctions and stress reduction benefits like that of doing mediation.

Health and Healing Benefits

Meditation and Chinese Calligraphy has showed their strength in their respective indices of reducing the stress. There was a significant difference shown in the heart rate, reduced muscle stress, controlled respiratory rate and skin temperature as well.

The Cognitive Benefits in Children

Some of the recent researches have found out that Chinese Calligraphy has positive effects on the cognitive enhancement in the kids. The children having attention problems and has deficit hyperactivity disorder 3, the Chinese Calligraphy for kids will prove to be extremely helpful

Chinese Calligraphy and Energy with Five Elements

This is a unique meditation therapy that helps reduces the stress and negativity within the body. One has to sit in the meditation posture where he/she cultivates the energy and projects it through the Calligraphy brush. Chinese Calligraphy is an ancient art form as well as well-known method for cultivating Qi. This technique helps understand the energy healing properties and Chinese philosophy.  The class participants learn how to represent the five elements such as wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Through paint brush the energy is transmitted into the symbols just like Reiki. The healing energy is channeled onto the paper as the person gradually learns to develop these techniques. Later on it can be worked with the individuals for the healing purpose.


There are lots of workshops now a day organized on Chinese Calligraphy where students learn different healing techniques. Here the participants uses basic tools of the calligraphy, how to use the brush strokes on the paper etc. The workshop encourages the better understanding of the philosophy, characters, and the universe Qi to harness and control the internal Qi.


We lead a hectic lifestyle, the schedules are unorganized and there is lethargic diet that leads to numerous health problems. Today, people are shifted towards holistic approach and finding different ways to remain stress less. Some opt for sports activities, or joining an adventure fun whereas some chooses Yoga or likes to dance their way out to flush their negative toxins etc. With the advent of Chinese Calligraphy taken as the remedial approach to reduce stress and lead a healthy life is new may be but slowly picking up the pace. People are now coming forward to participate in the workshop to know and heal in a natural way. Whether it is for your kids you are looking or yourself,  
Chinese Calligraphy is helpful to all age groups and there is no age bar to start learning the same.

It increases the concentration throughout the day and helps delaying the degeneration of cognitive abilities like word processing and short term memory. Also, it keeps your stress at bay, promotes longevity and self-confidence.


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