Red is the colour of summer and also the south.It has many effects on humans

since the early days. Here are 15 things you may not know about red.

Fact Number 1

Red is the colour of  Zhou Dynasty (1050-256 b.c. ) . It was the  “RED ERA” .

People used to wear red clothes , they used red tassels and clerks hats, used red ropes

for stamps , red ink , red horses l red banners and red sacrificial animals . The beggining

of this era  was probably the appearance of a red crow. There is often a man with a red face on Chinese scenes, like a holy  figure the frequently depicts the god of war

“Guandi” . Guandi is the one of the three gods of happines, the one who gives the great career and wealth. This god wears a red outfit.

Fact Number 2

Red colour means the colour of wealth and prosperity. Even nowadays at the traditional chinese weedings, the bride puts on a beatitiful red dress (knows in China as “QIPAO”)

Fact Number 3

The red colour has joined humans since the ancient times.

It was considered life-giving.

Fact Number 4

Red object od everyday use were put in prehistoric tombs.

Fact Number 5

Red is one of the three major basic colours used in art along with yellow and blue.

Fact Number 6

Red is the colour of the first chakra – root chakra. It symbolized safety and survival,

grounding and nourishmant from the energy of the Earth.

 Fact Number 7

Red colour is also symbol of what we need to survive.

Fact Number 8

Nowadays the colour red means blood, but it also means aggression.

Fact Number 9

It means strenght and power  but also love and passion. We go from unpleasent ,

dangerous and hard  feelings  to something very lively, warm and nice.

 Fact Number 10

Instinctively the occurance of too much red make us vary as we connect it  with  heat and  the  potential danger of burning.  At the right levels , it supports our lives and gives  us warmth and comfort.

Fact Number 11

The red colour also protects us from curses  ” bad eyes ” and   bad energy from some people.

Fact Number 12

The  colour  red  helps  you , if you fell weak , not safe , nervous  about  someone

or something , if  you  feel  the lack of energy or the feeleng of exhaustion , or you feel

unable to make your dreams come true .

Fact Number 13

The colour red energizes the heart and blood circulation.

Fact Number 14

It brings good energy  , warmth  and give nice stimulation. It builds  up our vibration.

If you want to come across as a bold and dynamic person , wear a red scarf or tie.

This is especially effective if you have an event coming up , where your confidence needs a boost , such as an interview or performance.

Fact Number 15

The red colour is the most important  and the most used colour in Chinese Art.


The red colour is very useful and helpful in Art and makes our lives more energetic

and beatiful!





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